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my love

my lovechild of weakness
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I never have the words and wonder if they exist
To write of our love and your place in it
You’re the sun in our home, light and life in my eyes
A spring breeze blowin joy into our lives
Your radiant beauty is beyond compromise
Style’s show stoppin, body that’s rockin
Your voice is sweet nectar drippin into my ears
You protect our hearts and calm our fears
A powerful queen in a tender little frame
You’re mighty and gentle all the same
On sad occasion, I thought I’d broken you
Then I caught my reflection, I was bloody and bruised
And your untouched beauty was all that shone through
Like you’d hung on every word the Galilean told you
And in every way you demonstrated his grace
You bound us together when I was a disgrace
Now by God’s grace and yours, I still get to hear
The sweetest tune that has ever blessed my ear
It’s the song of your laugh when I cause it, my dear. 
I’m better than I was and still less than you deserve
Yet I’m bound to you, love, by designation from above 
By choice and time, your path became mine
If one day too soon, my mind finally slips through
I’ll cherish each sane afternoon spent with you
In the sun getting loose or cuddled away from the snow
Nightcap on the couch or dinner and a show
Shower for an hour, hand in hand for another
All those sweet little moments in which our love grows
Thanks for the honor, 10 years since we wed
That moment we chose to forever fuse souls
And almost 8 more in our little bed
Don’t set it on fire, don’t even pretend
You’re my dearest friend, one of a kind
no one can contend, your lover I’ll be, 
whether sweet or bitter end.

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my love

my love looks back on 10 years of marriage with an undisputed queen, my best friend, and the love of my life​

author: matt kent | 5/2022

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