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about child of weakness

​​i'm humbled that you would come here. thank you.

this website is a compilation of confessions, provocations, pleas, and prayers. ultimately, no matter how confident or strong i may look on the outside, neither of those things are true. i’m not fishing for compliments and am definitely not brave enough to say it out loud, so i've put it here. i am a husband and father living in chicago. my wife and son are gifts beyond what i ever could have expected out of life. my worldviews and work are inspired by parents who nurtured me better than anyone could have. they worked hard for social justice throughout my life and along the way, they exposed me to the work of Jesus, bob dylan, muhammad ali, mother theresa, and many other incredible people.
my writing style draws from the folk, classic rock, and hip hop verses that I grew up listening to. as a result, the style of the stories here will sit somewhere between lyrical and poetic, but not live up to your expectations in either area. that's fitting because the overarching theme of all of this is humility. not just acting humble, which i'm also terrible at, but the humility that comes from not being the person that i want to be, from falling short constantly, and in the midst of that, finding true joy in the light of our creator, clearly visible through a heavy fog of frustration and shame. i strive to speak from the place of someone who is deeply broken and ineffective in pursuing justice and yet I still work hard to do my part ask my readers to do the same.

please enjoy and don't hesitate to get in touch.


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