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indigenous, immigrant, & slave

Indigenous immigrant and slave
Your heritage is made
Detox your hallucination of an unraked stage
Immigrant terrorists invade a land set up shop and erase the home brand
It’s people, it’s culture, children corrupted
Sneak peek to 2020 the plan’s not interrupted
Owned people lost them, but couldn’t set them free
Jim Crow’s in the ground and the bastard still breathes
White boys in blue create black asphyxiation
Nuclear soil breeds socio-genetic modification
Perennial turned annual amid the tribulation
Now pass with me 100 and some change
Now we have strong voices signaling the same
I hear the chorus growing with deafening bass
A fire beat and lyrics, redefining pace
But earth’s stopped spinning, we float along in space
Always stuck, in this place, just before the dawn
The voices strong and many, backed by abundant action
So why is inequity still the main attraction?
Fair heirs inherit what we’ve “worked so hard” to fashion
High on pride, baked in mind, addicted to blind
No responsibility for action
Against what our families did many years ago
Flick stuck on repeat and we call it a new show
White boys in blue create black asphyxiation
Hey yo, hand on heart, would you call us one nation?
Indigenous immigrant and slave
Our histories were made, but our futures we retain.
It’s not enough.

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indigenous, immigrant, & slave

​indigenous immigrant & slave was written following the killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, during a period of hostility toward immigrants and ongoing indifference toward those who were here before us

author: matt kent | 5/2020

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