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As the grind passes by or so they say
my mind wanders out to a far off place
Or is it near? It’s always here
The far off place is always near
Far from reality or is it just that?
Should I be angry when I get snapped back?
In this place I live, in this space I survive
but it is in the other that I feel so alive
So repetitive so mindless when I live to survive
It chokes out the reality in which I thrive
So, what goes on inside my mind?
It’s the place where things are hard to find
The place where dreams are born and come true
It’s also the place that keeps me from You
and you and you – and you and you and you
It’s the place that keeps me from the truth
A retreat from reality where things feel off
It’s a retreat from the reality of where I’m off to
Endless possibility wherever I am
withdrawn apathy, high when I can
It’s a beautiful oasis where creativity thrives
With white sand, blue water and palms, paradise
But just beneath the surface, pressure is buildin
Tension brewin, nuclear waste accruin, disaster’s a shoein
I need to escape before it can kill me
Lose the baby with the bath water
it’s Jekyll and Hyde
In the place where things are hard to find

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escapism is about when distraction and dreaming create spaces to escape from the mundane, terrifying, and painful realities of life and the dangers of finding too much comfort in that place

author: matt kent | 12/2021

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