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When I wandered off, just 5 years old
The path was condemned, didn’t need to be told
Stood in the doorway a handful of years
Stepped into the dark and started new fears
Constantly bending to my knees
A. Ursula’s flesh against my cheek
Her jewel in my hand to ward off tears
Buried that tumor deep inside
Now serpent just waits, mouth open wide
patient for me to find her
I knowingly place my arm inside
praying that fang meets vein
Flying skyhigh, all starry eyed
soaring as light gets lost
Awake now filthy, sick, and tied
gnashing and ripping in vain
Then in his eyes all blazing wide
he shatters my gem to dust
the shackles were never there
How do I cope with the shame inside
that’s been a lifelong refrain
Miracle came after twentyfive
i’m a prodigal son if there ever was one

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​addiction was written after 25 years of quiet struggle and enablement when I was freed from the shameful hold of my addiction by grace from God and the support of my wife

author: matt kent | 11/2020

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