Revelation Collection Artists

Kat Chen - Worship 4:8

 Katrina Chen is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Orange County, CA. Characterized by minimal lines and muted colors, Katrina’s work emphasizes meaning in brevity. For Katrina, there is nothing sweeter than taking time out of the day to spend in worship, and through design, she hopes to spread the purpose, joy and inspiration that she experiences.

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Katharine Ward - Helper 4:5

 Katharine Ward is 21 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in Chicagoland and moved to LA to pursue her love for art. In LA, she found a relationship with Christ and began using her art for ministry. The entirety of her current work is devoted to glorifying God and spreading his word.

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Emanuel Orozco a.k.a. Dr. Souler 19:17

 Emanuel Orozco a.k.a. Dr. Souler is a Christian graffiti artist based in Guatemala City. A gifted artist and doctor by trade, Dr. Souler's life and ministry reflect his passion to share the gospel with the lost. He is the leader of an art ministry called AménFamilia and part of a graffiti crew based in LA called, Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI). He is also father to Sofia and a mentor to young men in Guatemala City.